Medical Assistant Tuition Grants of $6,000, Offered by Bryant & Stratton

By 2022, medical assistant positions are expected to grow to 150,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Medical assistant courses online are one of the fastest growing segments of online training due to this growing demand for skilled workers.  Grants and the ease of access to training is expected to help individuals fill these positions over the coming years.

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Pilot Program Creates Wi-Fi Hub on School Buses

Kathy Rains, DCS technology director, is part of an 11 member committee that has created a digital plan that among other things eliminates textbooks and gives students 24/7 access to the classroom via the internet and now Wi-Fi on buses.

Brick and mortar schools are hurrying to keep up with the same technology used by online schools offering laptops, as demonstrated by this pilot program.

Cedar Ridge student Destin Ishman used his school-issued laptop to check his semester grades during a trial run with on board Wi-Fi, Destin and other students that have limited access to the internet at home feel that the on board Wi-Fi will help them be more productive.

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Top Ten Employability Rankings for Universities According to Higher Education Data Expert QS

In it’s first ever “Employability Rankings”, Higher Education data expert QS has measured the top universities that are best for graduate job opportunities.

A few of the factors considered when researching the best universities online are the reputation among employers, their connections with industry and graduate outcomes.

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First Generation College Students Create Program to “Give Back”

The program started in 2009, with the goal of narrowing the gap between the number of college degrees obtained by lower income students compared to students with higher incomes.

The program is based on a group mentoring model that meets once each month.  The program started with nine locations and has now spread to 30 cities.

The first group of eight students that completed the program in high school have now graduated and five have already enrolled in college.  Colleges offer laptops at no cost, along with scholarship assistance for the high school students that complete this program.

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