“Paleo” Product Launches Increase in the Past 5 Years; Single digits in 2010 to More Than 300 in 2015

The “Paleo Diet” commonly referred to as the cave man diet since many of the allowed foods are based on naturally grown foods and meat, similar to what cave men would have eaten.

Consumer interest in weight loss with the paleo diet has sparked a series of product launches for those following the diet in the U.S. and around the world.

Some of the U.S. product launches consist of cookies, protein bars, trail mix and granola.

Bustle.com Reports The 12 Things to Know About Living With HSV

Living with HSV can be difficult due to the stigma surrounding it and the fact that an HSV outbreak can occur without notice.

The following 12 tips should help those that suffer with HSV cope a little easier.

  1. Don’t lose sight of the fact that it is a manageable skin condition
  2. It is not uncommon, 1 out of every 8 men in the U.S. have HSV
  3. It is not life threatening
  4. It is spread through skin to skin contact
  5. Pain and symptoms can be reduced by medication at the first sign of an outbreak

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According to Dietitians, Protein Powder May Not Be as Good as “Real” Food

Many protein powders contain artificial sweeteners, additives and dyes.  According to some experts, eating real food can be a better alternative due to these additives and the added nutrition from eating food.

The site, Groom and Style, offers a complete guide to protein for those who wish to add protein to their diet as a meal replacement or for post workout recovery.

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When Should You Seek A Second Opinion on Dental Work?

According to this article from Time.com there are four instances that you should seek a second opinion from an experienced dentist such as H. Peter Ku, D.D.S. PA

  1. When your dentist suggest all cavities need to be drilled and filled.
  2. When you your dentist says that you need an expensive mouth guard.
  3. When it is recommended that you receive sealants.
  4. When you are directed to get costly dental work.

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20%of Seniors Over the Age of 75 Haven’t Seen a Dentist in Five Years, According to the American Dental Association

The reasons vary when it comes to explaining why 20% of those 75 years of age and older have not visited the dentist in the past five years.  Many are resistant to visit the dentist due to years of neglect while others have lost their mobility to get into the dental office.

Jose Lane Dentistry and other dentist offices accommodate those with reduced mobility with up close parking and entries that are easily navigated.  Some seniors are still resistant due to the struggle to move from their wheel chair to the dentist chair.

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